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Purvida Healthy Horse

Purvida Polish - Natural Hoof Oil

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Developed over a 2 year span with the help of farriers, trainers, and biochemists, the new and improved Purvida Polish Natural Hoof Oil makes it easier than ever to keep your horse's hooves healthy with safe, non-toxic, and natural ingredients. Made with a combined base of fractionated coconut oil and avocado oil to give your horse's hooves the same great moisturising, anti-thrush benefits as our original formula, now with a more manageable consistency.

Features of our Natural Hoof Oil

Safe, Natural Ingredients

Our natural hoof oil is made with non-toxic, nourishing ingredients that are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals at high concentrations that feed your horse's hooves from the outside 


Tea-tree oil gives our natural hoof oil powerful anti-fungal properties, making it excellent at treating and preventing thrush, white line, and other fungal issues. 

Locks in Hydration

We use a plant-derived beeswax that creates a breathable seal over your horse's hooves, preventing moisture loss and protecting against irritants with its antimicrobial properties, while still allowing the hoof to breathe and perform its normal functions. 

Prevents Cracks & Chips 

Our natural hoof oil contains avocado oil that penetrates deep into the hoof to stimulate collagen production helping your horse grow a healthy new hoof while coconut oil, naturally high in vitamin C&E, and capric & lauric acids, helps hydrate and nourish the hoof to prevent chips and cracks.

Easy Application

Our brush applicator ensures your dirty hoof oil brush doesn't contaminate the rest of your bottle, making application it easy, and mess-free, and more hygienic


NOTE: to receive subscription discount, there is a minimum commitment to two billing cycles for all subscription purchases 


Simply pour a thumbnail sized amount of our natural hoof oil in your brush cap, dunk your brush, and apply oil to the entire hoof, including coronary band, frog, and sole:
3x per week for general hoof maintenance








Daily to treat hoof issues