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Purvida Healthy Horse

Purvida Polish - Natural Hoof Oil

Purvida Polish - Natural Hoof Oil

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Key Features 

Safe, Natural Ingredients

Rich in vitamins and nutrients to strengthen your horse's hoof & improve overall quality over time


with the help of tea tree oil to help fight thrush, white line, and other common bacterial problems in the hoof

Locks in Hydration 

Using a hint of beeswax to create a breathable seal against external irritants

Prevents Cracks & Chips 

With natural ingredients that enhance elasticity and nourish hooves

Easy & Sanitary Application:

Our brush applicator ensures your dirty hoof oil brush doesn't contaminate the rest of your bottle, making application it easy, and mess-free, and more hygienic


More Information

Developed over a 2 year span with the help of farriers, trainers, and biochemists, Purvida Polish Natural Hoof Oil makes it easier than ever to keep your horse's hooves healthy with safe, non-toxic, and natural ingredients. As always, each ingredient we use serves a purpose. Check out some of the incredible benefits below: 

Coconut Oil: Moisturizes and nourishes hooves, preventing dryness and enhancing elasticity. Rich in nutrients like vitamins E and K, it strengthens the hoof wall, reducing cracks and brittleness. Its antimicrobial properties promote healthy hoof growth by warding off infections. Coconut oil acts as a protective barrier against moisture, mud, and harsh chemicals, preserving hoof health.

Avocado Oil: Stimulates collagen synthesis with its rich content of vitamins A, D, and E. Collagen plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and strength of the hoof. It supports the growth of new tissue at the coronary band, contributing to healthy hoof development, and aids in maintaining strong, resilient, and healthy hooves.

Beeswax: Provides a protective barrier, sealing in moisture and maintaining hoof flexibility to prevent cracking. It forms a breathable layer shielding hooves from external elements like mud, moisture, and harsh chemicals. Additionally, beeswax promotes the natural healing process by creating an ideal environment for tissue repair and growth.

Tea Tree Oil: With potent antimicrobial properties, it combats bacteria and fungi within the hoof. Particularly effective against thrush, white line, and other bacterial issues, tea tree oil helps maintain a healthy hoof environment.

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Directions for Use:

Simply pour a thumbnail sized amount of our natural hoof oil in your brush cap, dunk your brush, and apply oil to the entire hoof, including coronary band, frog, and sole:
3x per week for general hoof maintenance








Daily to treat hoof issues   


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