5 Ways to Make Your Winter Grooming Routine Quick, Easy, & Effective

5 Ways to Make Your Winter Grooming Routine Quick, Easy, & Effective

Winter is a tough time of year for equestrians. Days are shorter, barn chores take longer, and let’s not forget the cold. Somehow though, we manage by layering up, plowing through the snow, and using a rigorous riding schedule packed with grids and no-stirrup-work to stay warm.

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Unless you live where it’s warm year-round, or you’re lucky enough to have a heated washstall, keeping your horse clean and comfortable in the winter can also be a challenge. Dried sweat, dirt, and dandruff can easily accumulate under a fuzzy winter coat, causing skin irritations, bacteria build up, and general discomfort for your horse. Blankets that become waterlogged can also cause rain rot and the dry conditions allow static electricity to build up between layers, shocking you and your horse. If you're like us, you've likely had more than enough by now--but worry not, we’ve compiled our top 5 ways to make the most of your Original Conditioning Spray, so you can get through the remainder of your winter grooming a little more easily. 

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1. Dry Shampoo 

No washstall? No problem. Coconut oil works to cleanse deep down into your horse’s skin and coat, removing all traces of dirt and dandruff that just brushing might leave behind. Witch Hazel also acts as a powerful natural stain remover, (among other amazing benefits, which we’ll touch on later). A simple curry, spray, and hard brush is all it takes to keep your horse spotless all winter long. 

2. Promote hair growth and heal/prevent rubs and spur marks

Horse’s naturally have much more sensitive skin than we do, because it’s significantly thinner. That’s why it’s not uncommon for horses to develop blanket rubs in their shoulders and on their legs, spur marks, and tail dock rubs in the winter. Our conditioning spray helps combat this with vegetable glycerine to intensely hydrate skin and coat, prevent breakage and chaffing, and promote hair growth. Our signature essential oil blend also contributes to the promotion of hair growth, while Witch Hazel works as a natural toner, acting to soothe skin irritations, reduce swelling and take away the itch associated with sweet itch. 


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3. Treat & prevent rain rot and mud fever 

Cedarwood essential oil is one of our absolute favourite essential oils to work with. Not only does it smell amazing and act as a powerful deodorizer, it’s also antibacterial and antifungal helping to treat and prevent fungal issues such as rain rot and mud fever. 


4. Anti-Static spray  

A blanket zap from static electricty in the winter can pose as a minor annoyance to some horses and a source of horror to others. In the wintertime, dry air & snow, abetted by a fuzzy winter coat and synthetic blanket materials, set up conditions where static electricity is conducted more easily on your horse. This electricity build up can produce a physical shock that can be both painful and alarming to your horse--and their reaction can also put you in danger. The BEST way to mitigate yours and your horse’s risk of getting shocked is to clip your horse. The second best way is to use a conditioning spray, like our all-in-one Original Conditioner to keep your horse’s coat moisturized. Blankets chaffing on a dry, furry coat allows tons of electricity to accumulate. Taking off all of your horse’s blankets to use the spray will also help reduce electricity build-up.


5. Tail detangler 

We dislike many things about blanket season, but arguably the biggest pain by far is when your tail flap knots, chafes, and breaks the hair off the dock of your horse’s tail. Not only will our conditioning spray help smooth out frizzy knotted hair, witch hazel will soothes the irritated, chaffed skin while vegetable glycerine detangles and promotes hair growth, leaving your horses tail cleaner, thicker, and less irritated naturally. 

Have you used our All-In-One Conditioning Spray to keep your horse’s winter coat thick and healthy? Email us before and after pictures to info@purvidahealthyhorse.com for your chance to be featured on our social media!
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