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Purvida Healthy Horse

The Winter Wonderland Giftset

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The perfect gift for any equestrian! Get a bottle of our two best sellers, the All-In-One Conditioning Spray & Purvida Polish Hoof Oil, in a custom, limited edition Purvida Holiday Gift box. 

Why's they’re our best-sellers? 

All-In-One Conditioning Spray:

  • Cleans, conditions, & de-tangles without causing breakage, leaving hair softer, shinier, & more manageable 
  • Naturally antibacterial & insect repelling ingredients are effective at promoting a healthy coat, but gentle on even the most sensitive skin 
  • Cuts grooming time in half by repelling all traces of dust, dirt, and stains
  • Versatile Grooming Solution: benefits your horse's coat year round from a dry shampoo in the winter to preventing mud fever in the spring/fall, and acts as a fly spray in the summer 


Purvida Polish Hoof Oil

  • Hydrates using avocado oil to prevent cracks & chips 
  • Nourishes the hoof to promote collagen production at the coronary band to help your horse grow their healthiest feet 
  • Kills bacteria causing thrush and white line disease with tea tree oil, a powerful natural antibacterial 
  • Creates a breathable seal using a hint of beeswax so your horse’s hooves are protected, yet can still perform their normal functions 
  • Developed with the help of a team of farriers so your horse can put their best foot forward next show season