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Purvida Healthy Horse

The Complete Set

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Bundle and save 13% with our complete set of natural grooming products:


This set has a full-sized bottle of every product in our natural grooming line: 

1 Original Conditioning Spray - An all-in-one coat spray that cleanses, kills bacteria, repels insects, soothes skin, detangles, and promotes healthy hair growth 

1 Purvida Polish Hoof Oil - Specially formulated to kill bacteria causing thrush and white line while preventing cracks, and promoting collagen production at the coronary band; ensuring healthy hoof growth. 

1 Roll-On Liniment - Scientifically proven to immediately reduce pain and inflammation and reset the muscle to its natural resting length 

1 Green & Clean Shampoo - Concentrated, pH balanced, and designed to remove the toughest stains while nurturing even the most sensitive skin without drying out your horse's coat. 

A total value of over $125.