Purvida's Healthy Horse Worldwide Initiative

Let's face it, while the needs of abused dogs and cats are often featured in the press, the needs of many other helpless animals around the world can sometimes be overlooked. The sad reality is that over 100,000 horses end up at slaughter in Canada, Mexico, and the United States alone, every. single. year. With majority of them being well-trained and very sound.

The average horse will go through at least a half dozen homes in its lifetime. Many of these horses are bred to race but don’t make the cut. Some are acquired as working horses, but are no longer needed for that job. Some are pleasure horses, but if they get injured or ill and are no longer rideable, and to some owners, they are not worth holding onto and paying the upkeep for. Other times, it has nothing at all to do with the horse itself. While there are no shortage of circumstances leading up to these terrible fates, there are ways to help save these beautiful, intelligent animals.

If Purvida Healthy Horse, could adopt every homeless horse in the world, we would, but unfortunately we can't. So, we decided the next best thing would be to launch Purvida's Healthy Horse Worldwide Initiative, donating a portion of every sale we make to help save a horse's life. Not only that, but the horses we help save are decided by you! Every month, Purvida Healthy Horse holds a contest so you can choose where your money goes! We select 5 new charities at the beginning of every month, and at the end of that month, donate the proceeds to the charity YOU think is the most deserving! Our goal is to provide financial support across the globe to help rehome, rehabilitate, and retrain these beautiful animals.   

Do you have a charity you think is deserving of some help that you'd like to see in our next monthly contest? Submit it here.


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