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Make the most of your grooming time this fall with the ultimate duo. The All-In-One Grooming Spray makes grooming quick and easy while killing bacteria & fungus, soothing & hydrating skin, repelling insects, and more. Paired with the Purvida Polish Hoof OIl, this duo helps keep your horse clean and protected from head to hoof. Made with avocado oil and tea tree essential oil, the Purvida Polish Hoof Oil hydrates and kills bacteria causing thrush and white line. 

Bundle both products and Save 25% with our End of Summer Sale on now until Sunday September 18th! 

Discount automatically applied at checkout when you add both the All-In-One Grooming Spray and the Purvida Polish Hoof Oil. 

Here's why you'll love these products for fall: 

 All-In-One Grooming Spray Purvida Polish Hoof Oil
- Kills fungus & bacteria - Promotes healthy hoof growth
- Cleans off mud quickly & easily  - Prevents cracks & chips 
- Makes the perfect aid for clipping season - Kills bacteria using tea tree oil to treat & prevent thrush and white line 
- Works great as a dry shampoo if you can't bathe  - Made with a hint of beeswax for a powerful, but breathable seal against mud