Equestrians of #TeamPurvida: Part 1

Equestrians of #teampurvida is a new series we’re launching in honour of Canada's birthday that will feature a post every month with a new rider, fun facts about their horse, along with their goals, struggles, and some personal grooming tips & tricks! Our mission is to expand our community and shed a bit of light behind what goes into some amazing & inspirational equestrians we follow! 

Introducing the first rider of our series, Katie Bell, a Canadian dressage rider from Ontario with some big dreams!   

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“My name is Katie Bell! My horses and I are dressage competitors striving for the Grand Prix. Fun fact about me, one of my favourite side hobbies is also vlogging! My first horse, Doctor Love, aka Doc, is an 8 year old CWB gelding who stands at a whopping 17.3! He is my miracle horse coming back from two major tendon injuries, and battling navicular all while doing the PSG. My newest addition is the beautiful Furstenline, known around the barn as Darby, a 6 year old Oldenburg gelding standing at 16.3 hands! Darby is a true gem, and trust me when I say a real puppy dog, he loves to snuggle and won’t ever turn down a banana.” 


Can you share some of your riding goals with us?

“My horses and I are avid dressage fiends with some pretty big goals! We’re hoping to one day represent Canada at the top level! In the near future, I would like to get Darby, hopefully, to third level for our next season, and the psg later on! As a personal goal of mine, I would also love to perfect my position in the coming months!” 

What is your toughest bad-habit to break when it comes to riding? 

“My absolute worst habit, MY LEGS. My legs like to flap and it’s so hard to control for me. I end up tightening up my hip flexors, so my lower leg moves and looks busy. Am definitely getting close to getting rid of it!”

Tell us about something you’ve been working on lately that you’re super proud of!  

“Darby was a hunter until I got him, so he wasn’t used to really swinging over his back and pushing correctly into my contact, but now he’s got it down! He’s starting to move like a grown up dressage horse lately! I’m super proud of him!”

Tell us about your grooming routine!

"Every day, at least once, I’m obsessed with grooming! I love making my ponies look like shiny boys. Before finding Purvida Healthy Horse, I could never get them looking their best and they’re skin healthy. They always had dry skin and, if for example, I missed a full groom and was in a rush, their coats looked AWFUL. Since using Purvida’s conditioning spray, the quality of their coats are so much better. I also love it because it allows me to use less elbow grease and get in the saddle quicker!"

Do you have any tips or tricks for first-time users for using our conditioning spray?

"I have two fav ways of using this product; first the classic brush spray repeat. But my secret weapon with it is in their tails! Darby ripped his tail when I first had him, so I decided to try the conditioning spray. I used a derma shampoo but then I sprayed the conditioner (like a lot) in the root of his tail and massaged it into the skin, then used a brush to very carefully spread the conditioner to the ends! Not only has he completely stopped rubbing the tail, but his tail has gotten so much thicker. I do this once a week, maybe every two weeks. One of my other favourite uses is to heal up any skin irritations, this stuff works so well! Use it on rain rot, mud fever and even bug bites, to soothe the skin and get heal them up all together!!"
Thank you so much to Katie for being apart of our brand new series! Do you love our products and want a chance to be featured on our website? E-mail info@purvidahealthyhorse.com and tell us why you should be the next rider in the Equestrians of #TeamPurvida series! 

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