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Do You Smell Something in the Air?


 Happy October! 🎃

Whether you’ve had some crisp autumn air blow your way or not, have you caught an extra whiff of something in the air lately?

As it turns out, you can actually smell the change of seasons. It’s a nostalgic scent, more closely linked to memory than anything else, but whatever you feel when fall rushes in, there no denying it’s the season of scents, and if you’re like us, you’re here 👏 for 👏 it 👏


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Picture this: you’re riding down a forest trail on a crisp fall morning. One deep breath of the cool, refreshing air mixed with the musky, sweet scent of fallen leaves transports you to a state of greater, natural wellness.

Now imagine having that feeling on-demand. This is what happens when you use essential oils. Keep reading to find out why...

Our noses connect us to our sense of smell, which is directly connected to the most primitive part of our brain: the amygdala. Nestled next to our spinal column, the amygdala is the primary role in the process of memory, decision making, and emotional reactions. It's where the ‘fight, flight or freeze' response is triggered, and also where we store some of our deepest feelings.

When we inhale an essential oil and its aroma, we tap into memories and experiences that define who we are. Knowing that emotions can have incredible effects on the mind and body, it makes sense that using essential oils can have a tangible impact on our state of mind. So if you like the smell of something, there’s a good chance you will like the way it will make you feel. As we like to say: “your nose knows.”

Now, think about your horse. Have you ever noticed that your horse appears to prefer certain smells over others?Horses not only have an amygdala, they have the largest amygdala of any domesticated animal, meaning they are hyper sensitive when it comes to memory—especially emotional memory. Something even as simple as touching a certain spot on the body can activate a horse's amygdala. The limbic system, which includes the amygdala, is the part of the brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, memory and hormone balance. It regulates bonding between parent and child, enables pair bonding, parenting behaviors, imprinting and enculturation of young, and even everyday social community bonds. The limbic system is actually remarkably similar in horses and humans--horses are keenly aware of limbic activity, which may be why we humans feel such a strong bond with them. Because of the way the sense of smell impacts the horse’s brain, essential oils are like a key that unlocks the door to your horse’s emotions. 

If you’ve been following along with Purvida Healthy Horse, you already know that this is why we use essential oils in all of our products, but, did you know you can use them at home as well?


Grab your favorite essential oil diffuser and keep reading to find out how you can re-create some of your favorite fall scents in your house or at the barn all year long:


Pumpkin Spice: 2 drops cinnamon bark, 2 drops of cardamom, 1 drop clove, 1 drop nutmeg


Crunchy Leaves: 2 drops lemon, 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop black spruce, 1 drop cinnamon


Crisp Breeze: 4 drops balsam fir, 2 drops cedarwood (a Purvida Healthy Horse FAVE), 2 drops peppermint


Autumn Air: 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops black pepper, 2 drops rosemary, 1 drop peppermint


Forest Magic: 5 drops pine, 3 drops black spruce, 2 drops lemon


Harvest Moon: 4 drops cinnamon, 3 drops black spruce, 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops balsam fir


Spiced Cider: 4 drops orange, 3 drops cinnamon, 3 drops ginger


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